Why You Should Make Reviews For Smashbomb

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

I don't write reviews about websites often, but Smashbomb.com is worth the mention.

Smashbomb is a website where you can not only review books, you can also review movies, TV shows, music, video games, computer/ phone apps and so much more. Practically anything you interact with on a day-to-day basis can be reviewed on it. Did you just see a trailer for a new movie that hasn't come out yet? You can review it. Are you binge watching a TV show that aired more than a decade ago? You can review it.

And that's not all, you can also 'follow' other reviewers who are interested in the same things that you are, find recommendations for other items based off of what you review, make and view lists by users, and even create polls when you need someone else's opinion.

But two of my favorite features are: kudo points and badges.

Kudo Points

  • every time you publish a review, a thumbs up button will appear at the bottom of the page where other users can click it to give you a kudos point

  • the higher your kudos points are on a review, the more likely other users will see it

  • the amount of kudos points you can give a day depends on the total of kudos points you have been given (this makes it so that users really have to think about giving out those daily kudos points because they only have a limited number to do that with)

  • you can use kudos points to enter contests for free stuff!


  • badges are like secret achievements you can earn by interacting on the site, including posting your reviews

  • some badges are earned by the amount of kudos points you have

  • you can display one badge proudly next to your profile picture, so that any time you interact on Smashbomb, users can see the badge you've earned

This doesn't mean that Smashbomb is flawless; the website is still in beta, and some things aren't completely worked out. For one, I have seen and personally experienced long reviews being cut off after you pressed the publish button (even with an edit button, it doesn't help). Smashbomb encourages its users to write lengthy reviews so that they may receive more kudos points, but as of right now, writing long reviews seems to be the wrong way to go. But, with that said, the admins of Smashbomb are working hard to fix this issue as I write this.

Another issue that seems to come up is that even if you have a higher kudos point count, your profile isn't being seen by many users. This was such a problem that it was addressed in the latest newsletter and is currently being fixed. Smashbomb relies on users being able to find other users so that reviews can be seen. Although, I will say, the admins encourage users to contact them if they are having an issue with the site, and quickly, they get to work on fixing it.

Overall, if you are fed up with the normal review sites, Smashbomb is a unique alternative to them. I highly recommend that everyone give it a try.

- Hadley

If you are interested in writing book reviews, you can check out their book reviews.

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