Short Story Reviews: "The Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe"

Updated: Jul 22

"Edgar Allan Poe is credited with having pioneered the short story, having perfected the tale of psychological horror, and having revolutionized modern poetics. The entirety of Poe's body of imaginative work encompasses detective tales, satires, fables, fantasies, science fiction, verse dramas, and some of the most evocative poetry in the English language. "

Note: When I do short story book reviews, I will only be doing one story at a time because I have other books I need to move on to (and a majority of short story collections can sometimes have 30 or more stories in them!). These will be quick reviews because they are short stories. So, without further ado, the reviews.

* I will only be reviewing Poe's short stories, not his poetry*


A royal nobleman seemingly loses his mind after the death of his parents.

Liked: The buildup was done well

Disliked: A majority of the French wasn't translated

"The Duc De L'Omelette"

A nobleman wakes to find himself in Hell.

Liked: The descriptions of Hell were nicely done

Disliked: So much French throughout that if you don't know French, it won't be enjoyable; also, the story was kind of all over the place

"A Tale of Jerusalem"

Three holy men question themselves as they try to extract money from the Romans.

Liked: nothing (see below)

Disliked: this story was so out of Poe's normal writing domain that it seems like it was written by someone else; I didn't enjoy it

"Loss of Breath"

With twists and turns, Poe writes about a man who is either kidnapped and murder, or a man who is dead, but doesn't realize it.

Liked: the descriptions were very creative and colorful

Disliked: this story was so confusing, that by the end, I'm not even sure what I had read

More to come soon!

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