How to See An Author's Favorite Books - Smashbomb's Famous Favorites

I'm back with another review for (you can click here to see my general review of the website), but this time I'm looking at a new addition to their site: 'Famous Favorites!'

Have you ever been curious what your favorite author likes to read, or even what books they recommend? Now with Smashbomb's new feature, you can easily find this information without having to spend hours searching the internet! They also have more than just authors, they also have celebrities, directors, voice actors, and many more! On top of that, you can follow any particular one you want so you can easily find their favorites on the Smashbomb app/website (did I mention the website is completely free to sign up? ). Did you want to read the latest book that Stephen King read? Famous Favorites will tell you just that!

Note: these lists are not made by the actual celebrities, but from painstaking research done by the amazing team who run Smashbomb.

I really enjoy being able to look up horror authors, and seeing what books they read so that I can add them to my ever-growing TBR list - - - which Smashbomb makes super easy to do for the fact that you can create lists through your profile (you can also keep them private!) .

Although the navigation for what you're looking for is super easy to use, I wish there was a way to filter even further, such as looking for recommendations from a celebrity that is a specific genre of book rather than having to look through all of their book recommendations. I'm sure this would also be useful for movies, TV shows, etc... recommendations as well, but Smashbomb is always evolving, so there is hope for an even more detailed interface in the future.

Also, if you don't have the time to scroll endlessly through their recommendations, Smashbomb also has a YouTube channel where they showcase certain celebrities' recommendations through videos - - - just click here to see their channel and subscribe!

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