Horror Book Haul #3: Book Bundler.com

As my third book haul on the blog, I decided to buy a mystery box from BookBundler.com . I'm sure by now that most of the people who read my blog have seen advertisements for this website. If you haven't, I'll explain now what Book Bundler is (you can skip ahead if you already know): Book Bundler is a website that sells used books by the box; nearly every box is a mystery (you have no say in what you're getting besides the genre), but they do have a few that what they show in the picture are the books you get.

First off, they have two types of boxes; one is the 'Book Bundler Select,' which is just pre-owned books that the website claims is in good to great condition... the other box is called the 'Beater' box, which is a box of used library books that have apparent signs of wear-and-tear. That's the gist of it. I'll explain a little more at the end because it will make more sense. And, as with my other hauls, I will show you the total spent and if any was saved.

The books I kept from my Book Bundler haul.

I bought two YA beater book boxes, which is a total of 20 books, but there were only 7 horror sub-category books inside both boxes. These books, expect one are discarded library books.

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"The Maze Runner: Book One" by James Dashner [paperback, reprint edition]

$9.99 - retail ( $1.20 - I paid)

Click the image above to get your own copy from Amazon!

Synopsis: " If you ain't scared, you ain't human. When Thomas wakes up in the lift, the only thing he can remember is his name. He's surrounded by strangers- - - boys whose memories are also gone. Nice to meet ya, shank. Welcome to the glade. Outside the towering stone walls that surround the Glade is a limitless, ever-changing maze. It's the only way out- - - and no one's ever made it through alive. Everything is going to change. Then a girl arrives. The first girl ever. And the message she delivers is terrifying. Remember. Survive. Run. "

I have already read and reviewed 'The Maze Runner.' If you would like to see the review, you can go here.

"XVI" by Julia Karr [paperback, first edition]

$8.99 -retail [$1.20 - I paid]

Click the image above to get your own copy from Amazon!

Synopsis: " Every girl gets one. An XVI tattoo on the wrist - - - sixteen. They say they're there for protection. Some girls can't wait to be sixteen, to be legal. Nina is not one of them. Even though she has no choice in the matter, she knows that so long as her life continues as normal, everything will be okay. Then, with one brutal strike, Nina's normal is shattered; and she discovers that nothing that she believed about her life is true. But there's one boy who can help- - - and he just may hold the key to her past. But with the line between attraction and danger as thin as a whisper, one thing is for sure... for Nina, turning sixteen promises to be anything but sweet. "

"The Silver Kiss" by Annette Curtis Klause [hardback, first edition]

$14.95 - retail [ $1.20 - I paid]

Click the image above to get your own copy from Amazon!

Synopsis: " Zoe is wary when, in the dead of night, the beautiful yet frightening Simon comes to her house. Simon seems to understand the pain of loneliness and death, and Zoe's brooding thoughts of her dying mother. Simon is one of the undead, a vampire, seeking revenge for the gruesome death of his mother three hundred years before. Does Simon dare ask Zoe to help free him from his lifeless chase and its insufferable loneliness? "

"Fate" by Jennifer Lynn Barnes [paperback, first edition]

$8.99 - retail [$1.20 - I paid]

Click the image above to get your own copy from Amazon!

Synopsis: " What happens to destiny when you are fate? For the past two years, Bailey Morgan has lived a double life: high school student by day, ancient mystical being by night. As the third Fate, Bailey literally controls the destiny of the world, but as Plain Old Bailey, she sees her life falling apart. She's got a tattoo that was supposed to be temporary but isn't, friendships that were supposed to last forever but might not, and no idea what her future holds after graduation. Then Bailey meets the rest of the Sidhe, an ancient race defined by power, beauty, and a sinister habit of getting what they want at any cost. Before Bailey knows it, she's drawn into an Otherworldly web more complicated than anything she weaves as a mortal Fate. Senior year is a time for choices. A time for temptation. A time for Bailey Morgan to figure out, once and for all, who and what she wants to be. Or does she really have any choice in the matter at all? "

"Past Midnight" by Mara Purnhagen [paperback, first edition]

$9.99 - retail [$1.20 - I paid]

Click the image above to get your own copy from Amazon!

Synopsis: " I don't believe in ghosts. Unfortunately, they in me. Let me set the record straight. My name is Charlotte Silver and I'm not one of those paranormal-obsessed freaks on TV... no, those would be my parents, who have the ghost-hunting reality show. And while I'm usually roped into the behind-the-scenes work, it turns out that I haven't gone unnoticed. Something happened on my parents' research trip in Charleston- - - and now I'm being stalked by some truly frightening other beings. Trying to fit into a new school and keeping my parents' creepy occupation a secret from my friends - - - and potential boyfriend - - - is hard enough without having angry spirits whispering in my ear. All I ever wanted was to be normal, but with the ghosts of my past and present colliding, now I just want to make it out of high school alive..."

"Secrets and Shadows: a 13 to Life Novel" by Shannon Delany[paperback, first edition]

$9.99 - retail [ $1.20 - I paid]

Click the image above to get your own copy from Amazon!

Synopsis: " Nothing's simple when you run with werewolves. Jessie Gillmansen thinks she's seen it all, but her eyes are about to be opened to even more danger and a reality far more paranormal than she's ever suspected. Thanks to Jessie's startling revelation about the Rusakovas' mother, the group's choices become harder- - - and trust is more important than ever. But the dramatic change Pietr's going through may shake the trust he's built with Jessie to its very foundation. As the broken Rusakova family struggles to come together to face what may be their greatest challenge, the people Jessie believed were normal show themselves to be much, much more..."

"Need" by Carrie Jones [paperback, first edition]

$9.99 - retail [$1.20 - I paid]

Click the image above to get your own copy from Amazon!

Synopsis: " Zara White suspects a freaky guy is semi-stalking her. She memorizes phobias and chants them when she's nervous. And, okay, she hasn't exactly been herself since her stepfather died. But moving to a shivery Maine town to stay with her grandmother is supposed to be the perfect fix - - - so her mom says. Except, this new plan of getting away to help Zara stay sane? Yeah, not working. Turns out the semi-stalker is not a figment of Zara's imagination.He's still following her, leaving behind an eerie trail of gold dust. There's something not right - - - not human - - - in this sleepy Maine town, and all signs are pointing to Zara. "

In all, I purchased 20 books, but I will only be reading 7 of them (bit of a disappointment), so I will be calculating the price by what I'm actually going to be reading: I spent $20.00 and saved around $52.89.

My thoughts about Book Bundler:

Overall, I wasn't completely satisfied with the boxes I received.

1. First of all, something I really disagree with that Book Bundler does is that they don't offer refunds, instead they offer replacement books - - - the only time they will replace a book is if it's a duplicate from the same box, and if it's completely unreadable (it literally has to be so damaged, that you can't read the pages).... the fact that they even put out there that you can possibly get a completely unreadable book is kind of alarming for me. They state on their front page that they look through the conditions of the books, but apparently that's not true. So, this could cause a headache for buyers.

I have worked at a bookstore, and at this store we would buy back books from customers (if they wanted to sell their books to use for store credit or cash, we would do it, and place the used books for sale on the floor). We had a very strict policy on what condition the books we took were in- - - Book Bundler apparently doesn't have a great policy because some of the books I received had the cover detaching from the spine almost completely, others looked water damaged (but still readable, which means no replacement), and some of them were dirty - - - literally had dirt falling off of them when I took them out of the box.

2. The shipping, oh, the shipping. Unless you have a coupon code or are buying over $100 worth of boxes, you do NOT get free shipping. They charge $5 per 15lbs of books (not bad, needless to say you more than likely wouldn't buy that many books at one time), but if you live in ANY West Coast states (I live in one - Wyoming), you have to pay an additional $2.50 per 15lbs! So for my two boxes, I ended up paying around $16 for shipping! Even if your order is under 15lbs, you are still paying $5 shipping(plus $2.50 in a West coast state!) Also, their weighing process isn't 100%, and some customers have reported that they got overcharged for the weight of their boxes! Weigh your box when you get it!

I honestly don't think I will ever buy from Book Bundler again, and I definitely don't recommend it to readers(maybe teachers who are trying to fill their classroom library?). I was disappointed by the books I am keeping (only seven out of twenty). I did save money, but being that these are library discard books, I could easily go to my own library (check out my library discard sale haul here), and save way more money, plus getting books that I actually want to read.

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