Creepy Crate True Crime and Horror Subscription Box Review - August/September 2020

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Creepy Crate is a bi-monthly True Crime and horror subscription box that gives you two books (one that is physical and one that is an ebook), a t-shirt, and an array of items in the True Crime and horror categories.

August/September's Creepy Crate: 'Dog Days of Summer'

With each crate, you have a chance of getting one of the two books the curators have picked out (you don't get to choose). The physical book I received in my crate is "Savage Appetites: True Stories of Women, Crime, and Obsession" by Rachel Monroe. The other book I could have received was "The Patient" by Jasper DeWitt. Here is the synopsis of "Savage Appetites:"

" What draws women to True Crime? In Savage Appetites, Rachel Monroe links four archetypes- - - Detective, Victim, Defender, and Killer- - - to four tales of women driven by obsession, scrupulously examining the nature of crime, desire, empathy, and justice. From a frustrated heiress crafting crime scene dollhouses to a young woman who became part of a Manson victim's family, from a landscape architect in love with a convicted murderer to a Columbine fangirl who planned her own mass shooting, these true stories of crimes and its aftermath are alternately mesmerizing, frightening, and illuminating. A combination of personal narrative, reportage, and a sociological investigation of violence and media in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, Savage Appetites is a journey into obsession- - -and a fresh, fascinating twist on the True Crime genre. "

Unlike most subscription boxes, Creepy Crate doesn't have a more expensive box; everyone gets the same box, just different physical books. Below is everything that came in my box.

EBOOK: "Incident At Big Sky" by Sheriff Johnny France and Malcolm McConnell

" Former rodeo cowboy Johnny France had been sheriff of Madison County, Montana, for three years when Kari Swenson, a Bozeman resident training for the World Biathlon Championship, went missing near Big Sky Resort in July 1984. Her friends feared that Kari had been attacked by a grizzly bear, but the truth was far scarier: She'd been kidnapped at gunpoint by father-and-son survivalist Don and Dan Nichols. The pair had been living in the wilderness off and on for years and hoped to make Kari a 'mountain woman' and Dan's bride. But the plan went horribly wrong from the start, and after a deadly firefight with rescuers, the kidnappers vanished into the rugged terrain of the Spanish Peaks. As Montana's summer froze into brutal winter blizzards, SWAT teams, forest rangers, and antiterrorist units searched the backcountry but sighted the mountain men only once. Then came the call about a strange campfire on a slope above the Madison River. Sherriff France decided to go into the forest to face the fugitives- - -alone. The resulting showdown made him 'perhaps the most famous Western sheriff since Wyatt Earp. . .a modern legend.' "

T-SHIRT: I'd Rather Be Watching True Crime Tee

I absolutely love this t-shirt! This is a thought that goes through my head at least once a day. I recommend that if you're a female customer, you size down because the shirts come in men's sizes (which wasn't something that was told to me when I signed up for the box). It's a pretty big tee, but I will definitely be wearing it often!

OTHER ITEM: Twisted Terrors Coloring Book

I thought this was cute, as in the way I think dark things are cute. It's a small coloring book that has quite a bit of iconic horror movie characters in it (such as the one I'm showing you of Freddy Krueger). I honestly hope they make a bigger one of this! A fun way to spend some downtime.

OTHER ITEM #2: Ravenous Ice Pack

Get it? It's an ice pack with serial killer Alfred Packer's face on it - - - Packer was a man who resorted to cannibalism after trekking through the mountains in 1874. I like the pun here, but I have very little use for an ice pack, mostly for the fact I already have one. I feel like this was kind of just thrown in to add something about a serial killer to the box. A little disappointing; an ice cream scoop would have been a lot funnier.

OTHER ITEM #3: Villisca Slayers Koozie

I love reading about the unsolved case of the Villisca Axe Murders, so seeing that there was an item about it made me excited, but... I don't use beer koozies. I'm sure I'll find a use for it, but I honestly wish this had been the t-shirt we got this month.

Last but not least, I wanted to show some love for the packaging these crates come in! I absolutely LOVE the Creepy Crate boxes!! Gift boxes anyone??

This isn't my first Creepy Crate box, but it is my first to showcase on the blog. I've had a subscription with them for almost a year, and I am never really disappointed with the boxes, but my only disappointment is that the subscription is bi-monthly, and not monthly. I also, sometimes, wish that I could choose which book I get from the two they curate for that month's box. I do really like that they tell you what is in the box before sending it off, so if you don't like what is coming for that month, you can just skip it - - - then your subscription will continue for the next shipment. Super easy. I highly recommend this box to people who love True Crime and horror!

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