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  • Hadley

Bookstore Review: Books-A-Million

The whole point to my review of bookstores (both offline and online) is to help fellow bookworms find the right place for them to buy from and fill their personal library with.

You can see the two bookstores I've already reviewed here (Barnes & Noble) and here (AbeBooks); the next place I am reviewing is Books-A-Million aka BAM. I have always thought that Books-A-Million was what Barnes & Noble wanted to be, but never lived up to it. Books-A-Million sells not only books, but music, movies and merch from your favorite books/films. You may be wondering how is this company different from their biggest competitor (B&N)? It's in the details. BAM does small things that B&N doesn't, like selling overstocked books at hefty discounts.

Like B&N, BAM has a paid membership available for $25 a year called 'the Millionaire's Club.' You get free shipping on all orders with no minimum purchase (except marketplace orders). You'll also receive $100 in coupons when you sign up, although they don't tell you what the coupons are, so this could be $100 spread out among $5.00 coupons (note: I don't have a membership, so your guess is as good as mine). It's also stated that BAM has exclusive sales/events for Millionaire Club members only.

Free shipping on all orders & 10% off in-store discount.

I have been shopping from BAM for over a decade, and I really like their company.


  • there is almost always a sell going on with books

  • they have a book club that actually has a horror genre pick each month

  • they have a small online magazine called 'Book Page' which lets visitors know what is going on in the literary world

  • they do bulk orders with discounts for school, libraries and non-profits (which a lot of book companies can't say that they do also)

  • they have a horror genre, so this saves me time from having to go through all the subcategories to figure out what I want to buy/read

  • they have huge discounts on overstocked books and books that may have a scuff on them (and these discounts are very good)


  • that their membership doesn't come with reader's points (which is a system I live off of through Thrift Books - - - that review will come up soon - - - where readers earn points per how much they spend, and the points add up to free books of your choice)

  • they do have a marketplace, where independent sellers sell used books; this is almost always bad news because someone can take your money, but never send the book, then hell ensues as you contact BAM and explain the situation

Overall, I love BAM and I have for a long time. I highly prefer them over B&N, and will probably continue to shop from them for as long as they stay in business (which I hope is forever).Let me know below if you've shopped from Books-A-Million, or where you like to shop. Maybe I'll review those places next!

- Hadley