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Bookstore Review: Barnes & Noble

In starting a new review series, I thought helping fellow bookworms find the right bookstores for them would be a great place to start.

This series starts out with Barnes & Noble, which is an offline and online bookstore where you can buy not only books, but music, toys and movies, too. Any genre of book that you like, more than likely, Barnes & Noble has it. And as most giant corporate online bookstores, you can pre-order any book that hasn't been released yet. Or if you like to read books electronically, B&N has the NOOK: a tablet eReader where you can download any book they have available in electronic form.

Also, they have the Barnes & Noble paid membership available, where, for $25 a year, you save a precentage off of books every time you shop. If you shop online a lot, you get free express shipping, where you can receive your books within 1 to 3 days. They also state to send out exclusive coupons to members only.

40% off hardcovers (bestsellers) & 10% almost everything else

Personally, there's very few things I like about Barnes & Noble.


  • they almost always have a sell going on with books

  • they usually have the cheapest price on new releases a week after the release date

  • they have their own special collector editions of classic books (these are usually quite aesthetically pleasing, too)


  • they sell used books, which makes up a huge amount of my own library, but these are sold be independent sellers, which they could take your money, but never send you your book (much like Amazon's marketplace)

  • sometimes the sells aren't worth it because they obligate you to buy at least two books to get one free, which, often than not, you weren't going to buy more than one due to the high prices

  • they don't have a 'horror' genre category, so personally, I have to spend more time going through sub-categories to find the books I'm interested in

  • although I didn't want to talk about the NOOK in this review -the majority of free ebooks on the NOOK are erotic novels, it's rare to find a horror genre book for free. The prices, as well, are high for an ebook (especially when competing with Amazon's Kindle Unlimited plan), you would be better off just buying a paperback of it

As for the membership, I don't understand why B&N couldn't do a points system with a free membership, where people can earn free books with a certain amount of purchases, but instead they make people pay $25 a year to get better discounts (and you can't even use the discounts on those buy 2 get 1 free sales B&N is known for). I don't have a membership with B&N because I don't buy from them enough to have one. I believe this should be for people who physically go to a B&N store near them - - - unfortunately, I don't have one near me otherwise I would probably sign up. As for online use, I think just shopping their normal sales is just as good as having the membership.

Overall, I use B&N for new releases, but I suggest waiting about a week after they come out because B&N usually has the best prices, which I have found because of price comparisons. Yet, that's the only reason I use B&N. Do you shop from them? If so, what do you like about B&N? Shop from somewhere else - let me know in the comments below and I can do a review of it on my new series.

- Hadley

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